[Update: while this reflects events as they occurred, vonChurch has reached out to me several times to try and rectify this. I’m off their list these days, and I haven’t heard from their recruiters in awhile. So at the moment, they’re doing fine by me. I presume they’d also take you off their lists at your request.]

I’m easy to find on the internet, so I get 5-10+ job inquiries per week. Email, LinkedIn, cell phone, the recruiters call to see if I’m looking for a new job.

Fair enough. As they sometimes point out, they’re contacting me with public information.

That means they deserve at least as much courtesy as telemarketers, who also use public info, right? By having a resume they can find, I’m totally asking to be called night and day, work hours and dinnertime.

Eh, sure. Whatever.

But even among recruiters, VonChurch manages to be extra-obnoxious. Completely inappropriate jobs, repeated inquiries, having three or four VonChurch folks call or email in a row… I tell ‘em I don’t want to work in San Francisco, they keep offering San Francisco. Once I told one of them curtly that I wasn’t looking for a job and he called me back to complain because I didn’t stop to chat.

Seriously. No kidding.

I don’t deal with VonChurch, which is no real loss to me.

But wow. It’s amazing when one recruiting company can actually stand out from the pack of headhunters as especially obnoxious.

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