Folks are asking on Reddit, Is Rails Worth Pursuing Anymore? Here’s my answer:

Rails still has some unusual characteristics: it’s easy and very low-boilerplate to get a web app up and running. The browser security is unmatched, as far as what the framework does for you automatically. Rails’ use of metaprogramming allows less code for certain things than any other language/framework combo in existence.

In other words, Rails will teach you some important things about frameworks that you can’t (currently) learn anywhere else.

In a business sense, it’s also by far the best early-prototyping framework for an app that will serve HTML to humans but needs to be secure. That’s why you see so much focus on mid-to-senior-level positions: it’s new startups and startup-like efforts within larger companies. Rails is still unmatched in that specific space.

Do you care about that space? Eh, maybe. That’s up to you, isn’t it? But the jobs will be there for a long time to come.

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