Krissy, Shanna and Calli

We’d Love to See You!

Ship and island

Noah and Krissy Gibbs hope you’ll join us for a tenth anniversary and vow renewal on a seven-day Caribbean cruise!

Travel Arrangements

To make your travel arrangements (cruise and air travel to Florida), please call to make your reservations (see below). Please ask to be linked with reservation #26410014 (Noah and Krissy). You should be on the Disney Fantasy, embarking August 27th, 2016 from Port Canaveral, Florida. You should also be in the 1st seating for dinner.

We’ll be in stateroom 5546, in case that’s useful to know.

A friend recommends her travel agent for cruises, and he can book with Disney. Tom Willyoung at, or (800) 875-3235.

Or you can call Disney directly at (800) 566-0972 if you’d prefer.

Friends and Family

If you’ve been invited, feel free to bring a girl/boyfriend, partner, spouse or your favorite “it’s complicated.” This will also be a very child-friendly gathering. Our family has girls who will be 8 and just-turned-6, and most of our invitees have children.

As well, we’re inviting you to a Disney cruise. There will be many, many child-friendly activities available for the entire seven days.

Noah and Girls


Cruises are expensive. Most of the staterooms cost around $1,600 per person — though the very nicest ones on this ship go up to $11,000/person. That’s for a suite of rooms larger than our house. So there’s some flexibility. Children are about half of adult price.

It’s best to find a travel buddy if you’re not already traveling with someone. Single guests will be charged as two guests, basically.

We are, to be clear, not offering to pay for you. We will understand entirely if that means you can’t afford it. We’d love to see you in all sorts of cheaper-or-free non-cruise settings as well if that’s preferable.


Very pregnant mothers and newborns aren’t permitted on the cruise. Make your early 2016 plans accordingly :–)

The Ship

Curious about specifics? A very nice lady on the Internet that I don’t know has written extensively about the Disney Fantasy, the ship we’ll be on.


We’d love to answer your questions — especially if they’ll help you join us! Email me and/or Krissy at or!

Or give us a call – 510-260-5409 for me, or 408-202-4083 for Krissy.


Krissy, Shanna and Calli walking from the Farmer's MarketNoah, Krissy, Calli