Rebuilding Rails, like a lot of products, has multiple levels (“tiers.”) At the lowest level is just the ebook. The next level, the Framework Engineer package, is the ebook and a six-chapter video workshop on building an MVC framework. And the Full package is the ebook plus twelve video chapters, though (as of August 2020) they’re not all complete yet.

And I give away a couple of text chapters free if you subscribe to my email list. That’s the box down below. I also give away two video chapters.

The easiest way for me to distribute two free video chapters is a YouTube link. But YouTube doesn’t let you update a video at the same link, you have to replace it.

So: here are those two free video chapters. And as I update things, this link will stay the same even when the YouTube link changes.

I make people subscribe to my email list (as you can do here) to get the free ebook chapters. But for these two video chapters, feel free to forward this link. If you want more you can subscribe below or buy Rebuilding Rails.