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Caffeine Management


I have a pretty regimented routine of powdered caffeine usage. A lovely fellow I know asked me about it recently. Occasionally people do. And I thought, I should just tell everybody.

To do that, I’ll first have to summarise something that was once online and I can’t find these days: agonistic versus antagonistic usage of stimulants. It’s simpler than it sounds.

And I’ll describe the eight-week cycle I’m on to manage my tolerance. Caffeine is an addictive drug that builds high tolerance. Most people ignore that, build their tolerance and then don’t get much benefit from it afterward. That problem can be fixed.

Status Pages, and Why Companies Can't Be Relied On


In the age of using internet sites for important things – social media, say, or banking – the Internet has grown status pages, to let companies know whether a particular service is currently working.

Companies have always had internal status pages. But these days most have external status pages, so non-employees can tell whether the site is working. First people outside the company started doing that, and then companies realised they couldn’t avoid it happening, so better to provide status pages for themselves.

Why is it so bad for somebody else to provide your status page? What’s different about a company’s official status page?

As I write this there’s an ugly Discord outage which is barely acknowledged on their status page, so it’s a great time for me to talk about that.

Ways to Keep Software Working


I can talk about keeping software working and why we care and theorise all I like. But normally people have something decent working on the ground long before the theorists catch up. What’s working on the ground? How do we currently keep software working?

I’m writing this with an eye toward individual software developers keeping things working by themselves, which says a few things about methods and budget. So let’s look!

We use many methods, with many tradeoffs. And we all use a mixture of them.

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