I often think of stuff in my life as like a game of Warcraft (or Starcraft, or…). That may be all you need to know about me ;-)

It looks like those games have two resources to balance – sometimes gold and lumber, sometimes minerals and gas. But actually they have lots of resources to balance and it’s a complicated problem.

Real life is far more complicated. But just like in Starcraft, there is usually a resource that really limits what you do.

Maybe you’re broke and everything suffers for lack of cash.

Maybe money is fine but time is brutally tight.

One or two things are usually what stymie you.

When that happens, you’ll often go to somebody else about that. Money problems? You could read your Ramit Sethi. Time problems? Tim Ferriss, natch.

Just remember: these are guys who specialize in that one thing. They specialize because it was a big deal for them – it limited them a lot, once upon a time.

So when they tell you, “you can get four times the results you had!” or “this will free up hours a day!”, you’re hearing from the guys who were most limited by money or time.

The guys who had the most trouble with that one resource: lumber or gold or pylons or your favorite game equivalent.

Do take their advice. Nobody tells you how to get more Vespene Gas than the guy who needs it most.

But don’t take their promises of results too seriously. You may need your Vespene Gas pretty badly, but that doesn’t mean that what was really missing in your life was battlecruisers…

Or something? That one kinda got away from me.