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Caffeine Management


I have a pretty regimented routine of powdered caffeine usage. A lovely fellow I know asked me about it recently. Occasionally people do. And I thought, I should just tell everybody.

To do that, I’ll first have to summarise something that was once online and I can’t find these days: agonistic versus antagonistic usage of stimulants. It’s simpler than it sounds.

And I’ll describe the eight-week cycle I’m on to manage my tolerance. Caffeine is an addictive drug that builds high tolerance. Most people ignore that, build their tolerance and then don’t get much benefit from it afterward. That problem can be fixed.

Why Inverness? A Story of Travel

By dave conner from Inverness, Scotland - Inverness Castle and River Ness Inverness Scotland, CC BY 2.0,
This castle is actually on my way into town. It’s small, but just as pretty in person.

I recently moved to Inverness, Scotland from California. When I tell people that, the question I get most is, “why Inverness?” (The second-most is “why would you leave California?” ...

A Ruby Troll Story

I’m going to tell two stories about the Ruby community. One happened this past May (2018), and another happened in 2007. Both are about the Ruby community. Both are about what we did and what we stand to lose. Both are about trolls and how we handle them.

One story is small, recent and has a happy...

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