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The Forty-Year Programmer


Video version available on YouTube:

In 2024, I’ll have been a programmer for 40 years. I’m not quite there yet, but I’ll get there. That’s different from making the most money developing software, or starting a software company. I do make good money. But that’s not what all this...

Multiple Views on a Video


Different people can look at, say, a video tutorial and take different things from it.

A new programmer looks at what the video is “supposed” to teach and learns the immediate skill and how to do something in that language or environment.

An experienced developer learning a new language learns how...

A Talk with Mathieu

I posted online that I generally got to work on things that were a lot like what I’d do anyway in my off-time, with only fairly small differences. He wanted to know more about that. I told him that Twitter was terrible for that kind of thing, but I’d be happy to jump on a Zoom call…

Free Rebuilding Rails Video Chapters

Rebuilding Rails, like a lot of products, has multiple levels (“tiers.”) At the lowest level is the ebook and the first two video chapters. The next level, the Framework Engineer package, is the ebook and a six-chapter video workshop on building an MVC framework. And the Full package is the ebook...

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