Articles tagged 'rack'

Web Servers and Application Servers

A reader recently asked me why Ruby web app deploys usually have a web server (NGinX, Apache) and an application server (Unicorn, Thin, Puma, Racer, Mongrel, Passenger, Jakarta, TorqueBox or whatever I’ve forgotten this week).

Actually, he asked, “why do I need to run NGinX and Unicorn?” It’s a fair...

Rack and Session Store

A fellow asked me how he could store information per-user in Rack. This was my (brief) response:

Generally with the cookies object. Specifically, Rack has a “session”, which encodes a session identity into the cookies object, usually with some or all of your data.

You can also map from the session...

What is Rack?: A Primer

If you do Ruby web programming, you’ll often hear about “Rack.” You might hear about it from a Ruby dev you respect, and that you won’t get better at Ruby web stuff until you know what’s underneath.

Or you might have to write a to use Heroku and you’re thinking, “what’s”. It...

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