Have a horrible revelation, from an appreciator of less sugar with my caffeine.

You can buy a brick of caffeine in pure powdered form for about $30. That’s for 500g – about a pound. Several years’ supply, easily. Weightlifters use it, so it’s going to be readily available for a long time. I got mine off Amazon.

If you do, please mix it with something that already has some bitterness inherent in it: coffee, tea, pomegranate or blueberry juice. Caffeine is bitter and will be really foul if mixed with an all-sweet juice like apple or orange…

But it works great with black tea, sugar and a bit of milk. You can add a lot of caffeine, say 300-400mg, to a decent-sized mug of that tea and barely taste the bitterness.

And if you do that, also buy a cheap digital scale. You’ll get used to eyeballing it, but at first you probably want to measure.

(Note: the links above aren’t carefully-vetted. They’re also not affiliate links. They’re just examples of where/how you might buy the things I mention.)

Now if I could just find a good link to agonistic vs antagonistic caffeine usage, a la Sebastian Marshall…