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A Ruby Troll Story

I’m going to tell two stories about the Ruby community. One happened this past May (2018), and another happened in 2007. Both are about the Ruby community. Both are about what we did and what we stand to lose. Both are about trolls and how we handle them.

One story is small, recent and has a happy...

Ruby, Python and Freedom

Python is an experiment in how much freedom programmers need. Too much freedom and nobody can read another’s code; too little and expressiveness is endangered.

Ruby, on the other hand, is an experiment in “give every toddler a chainsaw”...

Why Ruby Should Stay a Laughing Stock

Five minutes on the Internet will find you somebody who thinks Ruby shouldn’t exist and is clearly inferior (try it!). Or pick a big tech company, especially an “Enterprise” company. Same thing – you’ll find a Ruby-hater in five minutes if you’re actually trying.

If Rubyists keep doing the right thing, this will be true forever. Let me explain.

What Ruby Rocks At

There’s a set of things Ruby is really good at. I’ll list some of them:

  • Prototyping new ideas
  • Anything web or HTTP
  • Stuff that doesn’t need to be fast
  • Reading other people’s code - Ruby is short and readable.
  • Building tools and libraries, especially DSLs.

There are some other things Ruby is “good” at. Like, it’s good at them but many people think they’re a bad idea. I’ll list some of those, too:

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